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Stupid time in the studio is a smart idea.

Sometimes when you are in your studio you just don't feel the muse you start to feel idle guilt. Just piddling around, touching  things, seeming to get nothing accomplished.

A while ago I was catching a ride home from my studio with a fellow artist. She asked how my day was. "Productive?"
I answered "it was a day of a lot of little things that went nowhere."
"Ah" she replied. "We used to call that stupid time."

This stupid time of not doing any thing is vital to my creative process. Artists need to take time to look, to think. Just to let the mind wander. If I went to a gallery or museum I won’t feel it was wasted time. But doing the same thing when in the studio feels different. So one must recognize this stupid time is just as important as creating a final piece of art. Because you would never get to a final piece with out it.

I felt forgiven for my nonproductive sins that day. And I had a new catch phrase that puts a fun spin on doing, or not doing what ever. Now I just need a catchy title to explain my napping.