Peter McDonald Printmaker

Creating art has always been in my life. Exploring drawing while growing up was a way to vie for my parents’ attention, being in the middle of six children. It didn’t work too well for attention, but I kept at the art. While in high school, in the late sixties, the art room became a great hideout when cutting classes. Why sit in a quiet study hall when you can be drawing and goofing with others in the art room. I carry a lot of thanks for the instructors I had. Especially Lee Collins, who recognized my talent and desire and gave me endless guidance in preparing to apply to art school.

At the Art Institute of Boston I ended up majoring in advertising and design. I have a 40-year career as a designer and creative director in marketing. But I’ve never been far away from creating original art. As my daughter Allison started her own college education, it prompted me to go back to school to continue my fine art quest. There at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, I found a new mentor, Bob Seligman who directed me to the printmaking process. That was completely new to me. After 15 years of printing, I now will share with you more than just my art.

This blog, Inklings, by Peter McDonald, a Boston based printmaker, loves and finds inspiration in New Orleans. Generally my work has been based on Mardi Gras characters I have met. I translate my vision of them onto large sheets of paper using patterns and fields of color through the monoprint process. Here I will share insights on my creative process, my art, other art that inspires me and whatever may be happening in my studio. This blog is meant to will be a conversation.